Former Team Members
Aneeq Malik, BS
Research Coordinator
Mr. Malik is a Research Coordinator for Morehouse School of Medicine Clinical Research Center, Pediatric Unit. Mr. Malik received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Georgia. Mr. Malik participates in several clinical trials including Rotavirus vaccine epidemiology studies, NIH funded staphylococcal trials, and has worked as a research assistant for Pediatric Emergency Medicine Associates on an Appendicitis
Case Study II, Sedation comfort level study, and Easi Ear Study. Mr. Malik currently trains students and interns on the research team. Mr. Malik aspires to becoming a Physician’s Assistant.

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Fatima Ali, MPH
Research Assistant
Ms. Ali is a Research Assistant for Morehouse School of Medicine Clinical Research Center, Pediatric Unit. Ms. Ali is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in environmental health science, and received a Masters of Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology in May, 2015. Her research interests include health disparities and environmental and social factors of health outcomes. As a research assistant in the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit, Ms. Ali has had the opportunity to advance in her understanding of these interests, while also gaining experience as the Unit's primary geographic information systems analyst. Her work has included mapping cases, using GIS tools to look at social determinants, which are associated with vaccine preventable conditions and antibiotic resistant staphylococcal infections in children. Ms. Ali also is able to carry out biostatistical analyses using SAS and SPSS. 
Kevin Thornton, BA
Laboratory Technologist
Mr. Thornton is the Laboratory Technician and Research Assistant for Morehouse School of Medicine Clinical Research Center, Pediatric Unit. Mr. Thornton has a degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry from Haverford College. During his undergraduate education, Mr. Thornton was heavily involved in the Mentoring and Student Teaching Program as a middle school science tutor and later became the middle school science coordinator teaching students from the greater Delaware County area about science. He was also a pre-health coordinator of the Multicultural Scholars Program, and tutored undergraduate students in general chemistry. He currently processes and analyzes all clinical bacterial and viral isolates collected from study participants. He also participates in the recruitment, enrollment, and data analyses of pediatric studies. His role as laboratory technician is helping him to prepare for medical and graduate school in a combined MD/PhD program.
Sebastian Kahf
Research Assistant
Mr. Kahf is a Research Assistant for the Morehouse School of Medicine Clinical Research Center, Pediatric Unit. He is an undergraduate candidate for a Bachelor's degree in Biology at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Kahf works on grant applications, patient enrollment, and recruitment at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta sites. He is also involved with carrying out laboratory specimen processing in addition to planning laboratory protocols for research studies. Mr. Kahf hopes to become a physician involved with clinical research, and is concurrently preparing for medical school.
Research Interns, Students, and Mentees
Yun Li, RN
MS in Clinical Research Student, Morehouse School of Medicine
Elham Laghaie, MS
Senior Research Coordinator
Ms. Laghaie is the Senior Research Coordinator for the Morehouse School of Medicine Clinical Research Center, Pediatric Unit. Ms. Laghaie received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Georgia State and continued her education by earning her Master of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Applied Microbiology. Ms. Laghaie has taught laboratory courses to undergraduate students in Genetics and Microbiology and has worked as a licensed pharmacy
technician local Atlanta pharmacies. She coordinates activities related to NIH and CDC funded studies on rotavirus, circovirus, and staphylococcal infections. Ms. Laghaie also contributes to community outreach projects through American Academy of Pediatrics Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) project serving communities with health disparities.
Shaaz Fareed, BS 
Research Assistant
 Mr. Fareed is a Research Assistant for the Morehouse School of Medicine Clinical Research Center, Pediatric Unit. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Mr. Fareed actively screens, enrolls, and collects biological samples from patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospitals. Mr. Fareed is involved in the Pediatric Unit’s MRSA surveillance and immune studies. He is also involved in planning community outreach programs for the Unit. He is responsible for the design and maintenance of the PCTRU's website.  Mr. Fareed aspires to become a physician, and his role as a research assistant is preparing him for medical school. 
Adeola Adesokan, MB, Ch.B  (Obafemi Awolowo University)
MS in Clinical Research Student, Morehouse School of Medicine
Nicole Langford, Undergraduate (Agnes Scott)
Research Intern